People! I've been busy as Father Christmas before Christmas. All work and some play make Helena very happy! It feels so good living on my own (even though I miss my family, it's not the same without them) but I have to spread my wings and get independant. You know - I'm an independant woman!

Last week I changed my hair slightly - I got some streaks of blonde hair in my hair now. Not all of my hair of course, no I would look like a prostitue, only a few parts. It looks very cool. I have never had blonde hair... EVER! Well, it is a first time for everything.

Now I have done the last payment on my tripp as well. Wohooo! Turkey here I come. I only have to pay for the apartment soon and save some money to spend. Wish me luck.

Every time you get your salary you are so happy and want to buy the whole world. And when the rush calms down after a few days you realize that you have spent TOOO much money on shit-things. I know I am right. There's many people who has the same problem. I'm definitley one of them. Can you believe that my salary the last 5-6 months has gone to my cellphone bill, make-up, clothes and things that eventually kill me.... Oh my.. I got to end this behaviour. Who is with me?

Postat av: nawiie

Hej Helena!!
Tacck så hemskt mycket, jo jag har haft det såå bra som man kan ha det =)

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