Alå i solen!

I know I haven't been so great at the update here but sorry, i haven't had the time. Been working like an animal and just trying to figure things out.

Today I'm acctually moving away from home. Wohoo! My grandmothers sister has an apartment that she doesn't live in between May and October (she is at her summerplace in Halland). Soo I'm going to stay there ^^,

I'm happy as a child in a candy store and I can't wait to get there and get some of my stuff there. Of course all of her furniture and belongings are there but now I can call it mine. At least for a couple of months. Muhaha. 

So don't expect me to write to much. I don't have a computer or internet at my apartment. But when I get the time and place I will give a shout out. I promise.

Now I'm washing some clothes, but when I'm done I will go and buy some food and get to my new home. The plans for tonight: eat corn and listen to music :-)

Postat av: Em

ah, vad spannande! hoppas du far sova gott i ditt nya palats forsta natten & allt :)

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