Imagine this!

Free from work today and decided to go to the library and borrow some books. So I took my bicycle and my mp3 and off I was! When I was at the library I asked for help from the librarian and I ended up with like ten books about many interresting subjects. Not only novels, but also some biographys about religion and different countries.

Then I went to my grandparents to vistit them (they were happy to see me) and we talked a little. But then (this was what I wanted to say) when I took my bicycle I just had this wonderful feeling.

It was nice weather (not raining) and a cold breeze in the air. I was listening to Mustafa Sandal - Gönlünü gün edeni. So there I was with my basket with my books, my hevy bag and my corncobs (I got corn from my grandparents). And I just got a happy feeling. It was really nice. Talk about NOT beeing spoiled with the little things haha.

Anyway, my free day is chill and I'm just going to spend the evening with my mom and sister watching the Swedish Melody Festival and eat my corn =) From tomorrow and on i'm working NON-STOP for seven days at Glitter. Wooho for me and my bank account.

Some news
- I've applied for "högskoleprovet" (the examination you do before university)
- I've lost some weight (7 kilos)
- I've become a book-worm, I'm reading books like crazy
- I acctually miss school
- I found out tha an airplane ticket to Turkey in July cost 4000 swedish crowns (approximatley 400 euro) for two weeks

Yepp, well that gives you a view of my very interessting life (not). I will write when something fun happens. Like in two weeks, when Karin returns from Turkey. Love to you all from Melon!

( Ignore my unmade bed in the background and look at my beautiful paintings instead ;-) )

Postat av: nawiie

yee, ja ska oxå göra högskoleprovet. Är det första gången du gör det??

ett boktips, eller två.
snabba cash & till vår ära!
två måsten!

Postat av: Frida


tänkte bara säga hej och besvara frågan om min hemkomst :P Den 26 feb landar jag i underbara Sverige.

Några news på håkan fronten?

Lots of love from Manch.

ps. Jag instämmer i tidigare tips om snabba cash

2008-02-10 @ 00:35:49
Postat av: Soma

Haj haj cara mia!

2008-02-13 @ 18:41:34
Postat av: Lottie

..."different countries" , looooves it. undra vilket land det var? hmm..
min nya blogg förresten! ;)
xoxo/ gossip girl

2008-02-21 @ 16:08:48
Postat av: Em

åhå, grattis till kilona!
jag har gått upp precis lika mycket :(
hur gör jag för att bli av med dom? buhu.

me miss you btw.

2008-02-25 @ 12:56:21

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