Music update

Since i have been in turkey for a long time i have been infected with the turkish music aswell.
Everything from Mustafa Sandal, Sibel Can to arabesk, Ibrahim Tatlises, Intizar, Niran Ünsal and so on.
My askim and many of my turkish friends are really good singers so i have many special memories to this music.

One week in Sweden is not enough to try to come back in the music scene. But what i know is that, from now on i'm gonna listen to what makes me feel something. Regardless if it is english, turkish, swedish, kurdish, spanish, hip hop, r'n'b, pop, rock, old or new music. I am not going to be devestated if i dont discover new music before everyone else, because that doesnt mean anything really. The most important thing is that you have some kind of relation with the music you listen to. It is like music is a friend who always is there for you. You don't want new friends, you want old ones who stays for ever. Right? Or wrong?

So the artists for today is Rihanna & Ne-Yo with the song Hate That I Love You.
Thank you Soma and Saya for making me listen to this song at your house ;-)

Postat av: [nawiie]

Hej Helena! Kul att du skrev! Har du det bra i Turkiet???
Det har faktiskt inte hänt så mycket, bara skola och sånt vanligt. Ska försöka skaffa mig ett jobb snart också. Neej jag har inte lyssnat på Kent's nya. Så fort jag får pengar ska jag köpa skivan!! hihi.. har du hört nåt?
Ha det bäst Kräm!

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