Honey, I'm home!

Merhaba all of my friends. It was a long time ago, but now  i'm home from Turkey. And because i miss talking english all the time, i'm gonna write english here :) Good or bad idea? You decide. I know a little turkish after 7 weeks in Alanya. For you who doesn't know; me and my friend karin (korrriiiiiin) has been renting an apartment in the tourist city  Alanya. It has been a loooong vacation. I have been home for one week now, and i alredy miss everyone. Karin by the way, stayed there. I went home alone because i missed my family and friends too much, and because i get crazy if i dont have anything to do in the days. I want to work, if you know what i mean?!

Weell. I am going to change my blogg slightly. It will focous on music and photo. That's my vision at the moment anyways, maybe i will change my mind several times. Who knows? Do you know? No, probobly not :)

Öptüm everyone

Postat av: [nawiie]

Merhaba Merhaba, hade missat att du kommit tillbax till Sverige för det har du väl eller??
Hoppas du hade en underbar tid där nere,kan inte tänka mig nåt annat :p

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