I don't want to relax

At one of the many restaurants me and Korriin were at this little thing was up against the wall. We laughed at the time, because it is soo typical. And the waiters did of course want to marry with Korriiiiiin haha :-) But I miss my askim 2 much!

Alanya, Turkey


As i said above, this song is beautiful and the singer. Wooh, she is dazzling!
The artist of today is Intizar and the song is Nazar Boncuðum.

Dragonfly also known as "Trollslända"

This beautiful red dragonfly i found sitting near our pool. It had many friends, so you had to be careful to where you put your feet. Karin on the other hand hated these creatures. But i like them, they are so colourful and harmless.

Alanya, Turkey

Shack-mack = lighter

The song of the day is Cakmak, Cakmak with the artist Sibel Can. Cakmak in swedish is "tändare" :-)
I think (and korriin aswell) that Sibel looks like a turkish Ashlee Simpson, what do u think?
Anyways, i think she is really soo beautiful!

At the beach

Even though me and Karin was too lazy to go to the beach every day, we appreciated it so much more when we acctually had our butts in the sand. It is really beautiful. Except the garbage that you found in the water, yeew...

Alanya, Turkey

Music update

Since i have been in turkey for a long time i have been infected with the turkish music aswell.
Everything from Mustafa Sandal, Sibel Can to arabesk, Ibrahim Tatlises, Intizar, Niran Ünsal and so on.
My askim and many of my turkish friends are really good singers so i have many special memories to this music.

One week in Sweden is not enough to try to come back in the music scene. But what i know is that, from now on i'm gonna listen to what makes me feel something. Regardless if it is english, turkish, swedish, kurdish, spanish, hip hop, r'n'b, pop, rock, old or new music. I am not going to be devestated if i dont discover new music before everyone else, because that doesnt mean anything really. The most important thing is that you have some kind of relation with the music you listen to. It is like music is a friend who always is there for you. You don't want new friends, you want old ones who stays for ever. Right? Or wrong?

So the artists for today is Rihanna & Ne-Yo with the song Hate That I Love You.
Thank you Soma and Saya for making me listen to this song at your house ;-)

The beautiful sunset from our room


I'm just gonna say it right now -
almost all of the following pictures will come from my time in Türkiye.
Well, until i don't have anything left to show at least!

Honey, I'm home!

Merhaba all of my friends. It was a long time ago, but now  i'm home from Turkey. And because i miss talking english all the time, i'm gonna write english here :) Good or bad idea? You decide. I know a little turkish after 7 weeks in Alanya. For you who doesn't know; me and my friend karin (korrriiiiiin) has been renting an apartment in the tourist city  Alanya. It has been a loooong vacation. I have been home for one week now, and i alredy miss everyone. Karin by the way, stayed there. I went home alone because i missed my family and friends too much, and because i get crazy if i dont have anything to do in the days. I want to work, if you know what i mean?!

Weell. I am going to change my blogg slightly. It will focous on music and photo. That's my vision at the moment anyways, maybe i will change my mind several times. Who knows? Do you know? No, probobly not :)

Öptüm everyone